We are an organization specializing in green projects and proposals.

We participate with our experience in all phases of a green infrastructure, landscaping and projects, building, services and urban agriculture

Landscaping and projects

Our technical office participates in landscaping and gardening projects for public and private entities.

We advise, review, improve and collaborate to enrich engineering and architecture firm’s proposals.

We are specialists in this activity, in choosing plant species and materials, and ensuring that the organization of these jobs are developed with total guarantee.

We have taken part in both large public projects and small private projects, in all of them we have contributed our experience and knowledge to develop them with the best results.

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We carry out building projects of parks, gardens and green infrastructures.

We have taken part in the execution of green areas in large civil engineering projects, housing developments, squares and all kind of gardens.

Our experience and specialization in this activity, allows us to be involved in all phases of implementation, transport, supply coordination and plant material quality. We have the specific machinery equipment that ensures the quality and good development of the gardening projects we carry out.

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We carry out comprehensive garden maintenance services at parks, gardens and green infrastructures.

These services are carried out comprehensively, taking care of all the tasks that the space requires, or occasionally carrying out the specific jobs that our client needs.

Pruning, Cleansing, Logging, Picking, Cleaning, Phytosanitary treatment,

We also carry out specialized works of transplanting large specimens, pruning of palms, pruning and cuttings in height or specific phytosanitary treatments.

Maintenance Public Services Plantaciones Tepe grass

Urban Agriculture

Our activities also include the management of urban agriculture projects and urban green infrastructures.

We participate in the drafting of projects, construction and management of green projects.

At present, Plantae manages the network of urban ecological orchards "Hortals" with its facilities at the Water Park and Canal Garden (Zaragoza). It covers 4 hectares of surface and holds 600 plots of leisure vegetable ecological gardens.

At these facilities, we rent garden spaces, and carry out activities, courses and workshops related to urban ecological agriculture.

In addition, we also provide facilities such as changing rooms, barbecue areas, rooms for celebrations or a gardening shop.

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